Child Driven Education

When it comes to teaching it should come from a place for caring for children’s development and well-being. If a computer can replace a teacher it means no thought was put into the classroom. A computer would simply just read the curriculum given no focus to the class personally. Part of the teachers job is to get to Know his or her classroom and his or her students and then take the curriculum and adapt to the students. The teacher is there to help the students succeed. Simply reciting the lessons, as a computer would do, to the students takes away the connection needed for students to build relations and trust to actually want to learn. What would be the point of paying a teacher if said teacher does not do anymore that a robot or computer would. A computer should be an asset to teachers, a way to improve and connect more with students of the next generations. Elementary School Pupil With Teacher In Computer Class

What I take from Mitras’ Hole in the wall is that student learn differently. That the common style of teaching that we as a society are use to does not necessarily mean its the best way for students to learn. It also shows that give student something or some reason for them to want to learn and they can teach themselves. Mitra shows that children have the capability to ….  It also shows that bringing computers inside the classroom can have immense potential in education if used the right way.


In my vision for myself as an educator, I want technology to be my new best friend. These next generation of children that would be in my classroom have grown up right next to a computer it was probably one of the first things they learned how to operate. I want to use that, develop on that, make it valuable to there learning. So hopefully through research and classes like this I can find new ways and helpful ways technology could come into my classroom so students can get the full beneficial experience they need because computers are easily becoming an integral part of almost all careers and I always would hope for my classroom would hep students prepare for the real world.


One thought on “Child Driven Education

  1. Hi Arielle! I agree with what you are saying, that it is a teachers job and responsibility to get to know his or her students. Being a teacher is one of the most important jobs to have. I feel Dr. Thornburg was trying to say that when teachers do not care being replaced is easy. Incorporating technology in the classroom is very beneficial in my opinion. That is why I think Sugata Mitra experiment worked so well he gave the children hope. I agree with you 100% I wanna incorporate technology in my class too. I feel it is one the most important things nowadays. I enjoyed reading your blog!
    -Sara Can


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