ISTE for Future Me

Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning

One idea is to have student get in groups of 4-5, as a group they will choose a real world issue (domestic or foreign). As a group they will do research on the issue they choose. The group will have to goals, part of the group will focus on what he problem is and the other half will try to find a solution based off a research from other countries or scenarios. Then the will collaborate as a group to come up with a powerpoint or video presentation to share with the class. This will give them the opportunity to reflect on real world issues and create idea for solution with innovative thinking.

Design & develop digital age learning experiences and assessments

During assignments students can have a window open to ask questions and share ideas at a site called TodaysMeet. Here students can ask questions with out having to speak in front of the whole class which might help with the students who hold back questions. This also allows other students to answer them and explain things in another way on their level which I might not be able to do. All of this happens in real time too. So students do not fall behind.( Helpful Technology for the Classroom )

Model Digital Age Work and Learning

Before assignments involving technology I will show student effective way to use and search for information so everyone starts at the same knowledge level. I will try to have time for parents to come in throughout the school year a few times so they are also able to understand and assist students if needed at home.

Promote and Model Digital Citizenship and Responsibility unknown

With technology comes responsibility I will try to show students the importance of monitoring their behavior on the internet for their own safety and that of others. I will model the correct and incorrect way to use the computer so students fully understand the difference.

Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership

As a teacher I will make it my responsibility to constantly stay up to date on the new technology to make sure my classroom is always using the best methods to help students learn and grow.




4 thoughts on “ISTE for Future Me

  1. Hey Arielle, you have really great ideas in your blog. You also had really great links. I really like the way that you would have students use the internet. I also like your idea of having students work together. I think that I would also like to do something like that in the future because I feel that its fun for the children to work together. I also like your idea of having parents come to your classroom, that also involves parents and technology.


  2. I really enjoyed reading your blog post! I like the design & develop digital age learning experiences and assessment portion because you implemented the site TodayMeet. I think that is an excellent way for students to meet for assignments and talk about the ideas, without having to talk in front of everyone.


  3. I really liked your idea about TodaysMeet. I think that can benefit the students in class but also outside of class at home with homework and projects. I think when it comes to certain age groups it should be monitored though. But with what you said about teaching your students how to behave in the internet realm, it can be avoided and just something to keep an eye on.


  4. I really enjoyed reading your blog! You had a bunch of great ideas, along with great links and websites to use to help incorporate each of your ideas. I especially like the TodayMeet because as a student I have always been one to shy away from asking questions in class just because of what others might think. This is a great way for students to slowly get out of their comfort zone. Not only does this help the shy students, but allows other students to explain the criteria and how they personally took the lesson. Helps students teach one another.


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