So this was my first experience using screen casting having never heard of it before this class. I love the concept there are so many was it can be useful in the classroom. It was pretty easy to use as well. I was nervous going into it. But it was user friendly, and easy to navigate. I did a How to on setting up a Twitter account. screencastingTook a couple tries used all my emails to get it but I think the final product is okay. Once i got past the part of listening to my own voice such an odd feeling.


One of the ways it could be useful in a classroom is in lets say a third grade classroom,  you could separate students into small groups during class and have them practice math skills by watching teacher tutorials while the teacher walks around and answers questions.

Another way is in a 5th grade classroom, split student into groups to create mnemonic devices for remembering the 50 states on iPads to share with the rest of the class. something that can be accessed at home so there are different ways to learn and remember.

Third way is in a 7th grade math class, a teacher could create tutorials on how to do math lessons. Students must watch videos prior to class. Teacher will then give problems in class and help students that have questions.

It could also be used in a 10th grade wood shop. Instead of the teacher showing them how to do the project and taking up class time students watch the how to video at home and take notes. Once they are in class they can get started on the project right away and refer bucket the video if necessary.

Last is in a 12th grade english class. Students create videos in groups to teach threats of the class different aspects of writing for example themes of a story. Screencasting has so many unforeseeable abilities to help transform the classroom. I think its great to have this knowledge so earlier in my education career in becoming a teacher so i can explore the endless possibilities. let-endless-possibilities-begin-85213111




One thought on “Screencasting

  1. My idea for 7th grade is the same as yours. I think teaching math as flipped learning in this grade level can benefit the students. I also found an article that used screencasting to assess the students. The students can do a questionnaire or a response to their work. I found this interesting because its not something that most teachers think to do with screencasting. Overall, you had really good ideas.


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