Digital Presence

It is important to know your own presence on the internet. Most kids are growing up and the internet is just there. It is apart of there everyday life. If no one takes the time 4foci-uynfofto really talk to the children about their digital presence then their safety could easily come compromised. It is important that children know that everything they put online is there forever for everyone to see and get ahold of. Just because there is some button in the corner that says “private” doesn’t mean it truly is.

My digital presence I would say is pretty small. You can find me on social media and what not. But I am and always have been very cautious about the pictures that I upload and the things that I say. It is so easy to just want to be carefree and share everything at a certain moment in your life but I make a conscious effort to remember that its on just there for that moment and just because you delete it does not mean it is gone. And that years from now those photos or comments will still be visible to other and able to be found. Nothing is ever really
gone from the internet. unknown

Digital citizenship as a teacher would play and extremely important role as the digital age becomes more and more integrated into the education system. I would make it my goal to make sure children understand the depth of the internet from a young age. bubbles-before-digital-citizenship-2Knowledge is key in everything. I would want to make sure children are conscious of everything they are sharing and know what it means once its been uploaded online. I would also want them to know that they need to be aware of what they are saying on the internet especially to other people. To know that cyber bullying happens in all sorts of ways and make them conscious of that.


One thought on “Digital Presence

  1. I appreciate that you said “knowledge is key in everything.” Emphasis on everything. A lot of kids mindlessly fool around on the internet. Creating a conscience mind helps a million and builds a knowledge that will keep them safe and others as well.


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