Crystal Ball

Wikispaces is a social writing platform. It seems to have a lot of small edu-stream-2components from other online features and brings them together for an educational use. For example, the social aspect, it has a set up similar to Facebook so that it is user friendly. It is a safe and easy environment for students to share and discuss their ideas. The next feature is the writing aspect, it looks to be similar to google docs. It allows multiple user to create and edit individual pages  as well as embed media from the webe educator, it allows them to create project and split their class into groups in all in just a few short minutes. Then it edu-writing-2allows the educator to post and share it with whomever them choose. The last big feature is the real time assessment, it allows the educator to monitor the progress of each individual student.

It seems to be a good program some down falls of it is the higher competitors such as google. Google already had most of these features and more making it an easy replacement. It is probably unlikely for Wikispaces to be around in 10 years unless it adds some time of feature that its competitors do not have.


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