Social Media


I’ve used social media for mainly personal use. I like how it allows me to connect with family members I don’t get to see often and friends I knew growing up. It allows me to still feel connect to them. That being said I’m careful in what I post because I’ve always known it could shape other peoples view of me.

I also love how social media leaves things in your hands, and by that i mean there is no censorship. People can say what ever they want about any situation any where in the world. Like Clay Shirky mentioned in his video about the Chinese citizens reacting to the earthquake before even their government knew about it. Social Media is freedom, and while there is some risky aspects of that, there is much more benefit and good that can come from it. Before social media people only got what the news outlets would choose to tell people. But thats no longer the case, with the freedom of social media your able to see everyones views, opinions, and details about anything and everything.

As for social media in education, I think if we do not find a way to really use it we will lose Unknown.jpegthe connection with future students. These student grow up on social media most know how the operate things like snapchat and the same time they are learning to walk, it is apart of their lives. I think one of the best ways is to connect students with each other on social media from all around the world so they aren’t just learning things from a book or because a teach tells them to but they are learning from actual people there own age. Or connect them with the older generation for example, so they can here first had accounts of   important moments from our history.


2 thoughts on “Social Media

  1. Arielle,

    It is great that you are careful about what you post on social media. Anybody can see anything that is posted on the internet no matter if it got deleted. I like your state, “Social media is freedom”. I think this is a great way to describe social media in a positive and powerful way. You are definitely right about how people only got to read about what the news outlets chose for them! Now people can read about anything they can possibly imagine thanks to social media.


  2. Arielle,
    I agree that if we can’t find the link between social media and education we will lose the future students. I believe that social media will have a great impact on our education in the future.


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