About ME

Currently a college student at The University of Laverne, this is my first semester here. I just transferred of Mount San Antonio College. I came in as a junior I am apart of the educational studies program as an undergraduate. I also currently work two jobs so most weeks I’m pretty busy. I work at the AMC in Glendora in which I am currently in the process of trying to move up to management, I have been there almost a year now and I am pretty happy with it. I also really love the benefits of free movies at any AMC in the country. 🙂 My second job I just started this August, I am a Program Leader for Think Together. This job is new and it’s hard. I work with forth graders which I knew going in would be a tough age group but I see it as a challenge.

Important people in my life mainly consist of my family. My parents have had the biggest influence overall. I appreciate the morals and guiding they have offered and instilled in me while they still gave me the freedom to explore and turn into my own person. My grandmothers are both very strong willed but in different ways and each of them have guided my views to create the young women I am today. Another is my best friend, he has been my rock these past few years. Even with the roller coaster that comes from being friends with him lol. He is someone I have learned that I can count on. Someone who will support me but also tell me when I’m wrong which he has absolutely no problem doing.

Me and My best friend

With my education, I have the goal of wanting to go all the way through to finish my Masters at ULV. I hope to have it done in the next three and half years with my credential. I choose the ULV because it was close to home and I thought I would be able to get in and get out quickly.My career goal is to become a elementary school teacher.